Legal jobs & internships search getting easier.

Your CV, a marketing document.

First thing to know when writing your CV: It is a marketing document ! You should see your CV as an advertisement that you are putting in the newspaper. What are the main reasons that an employer would “buy” you ? And when you sell, you don’t sell in general. The employer need to know how your skills fit with the talent he is looking for.

In the CV, your work experience comes first. So, don’t be shy to focus on that part and use the appropriate words. Don’t enumerate your role there. Tell the employer what you did accomplish in your roles, in other words what did you developed or organised ? Above the general role, what are the key elements that made you different ? What about the customer experience, team work and coordination, negotiation skills, problem solving, etc.

As for your interests, have you thought about the following ? Reading is good as a lawyer, it is really important. But, other than that, don’t forget that this kind of activity is done alone. You can specify what your read. Sometimes, it might be interesting to put emphasis on your interests that demonstrates your public relations or communication skills. Don’t forget, as a lawyer, you love to read, but also to write, to speak and to be around people.  Don’t forget also here that your interests will be a reflection of your knowledge. Try to stick to the ones that fit with the job.

And never forget :

          Your CV is better when bringing out the skills that are tailored with the job you are looking for.

          A personalized cover letter with the CV gives bigger chances to be answered.

          A CV without spelling mistakes usually makes it to the top.

          Make sure that the person to whom you are sending your CV is the right one.