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Preparing an interview in 10 points.

1-      Search and learn about the company. 2-      Anticipate questions. 3-      Think of some questions you would like to ask to the interviewer. 4-      Rest well before. 5-      Dress to impress…depending on the job position. But most importantly, you are never well dressed enough unless you put your smile on. A genuine smile. 6-      Be […]

Your CV, a marketing document.

First thing to know when writing your CV: It is a marketing document ! You should see your CV as an advertisement that you are putting in the newspaper. What are the main reasons that an employer would “buy” you ? And when you sell, you don’t sell in general. The employer need to know […]

Employers : A list of questions for an interview.

Why did you apply for this job ? It will tell you about the candidate’s interests How would you contribute to our organization’s mission ? It will tell you if the candidate made his homework learning about the company and if he-she is a fit for. What is your greatest achievement in your professional life? […]