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JobnLaw is an online employment platform in the legal field for Canadian people seeking jobs or internships and for employers looking to find the appropriate candidate that fits with their organization's values. Our job board is here to connect people and we hope that each of you fulfill their need or dream.
At JobnLaw, we want to make it easier to find that job or internship you were looking for as a candidate or to find the talented lawyer or intern you were looking for as an employer. Opportunities are many, have a look to find the right one for you.

At JobnLaw, we like to boost opportunities for people to find them.

It is for


Corporations, Government, Private law firms and other organizations.

It is for


Lawyers, Notaries, Interns, Administrative assitants, Paralegals and more.

A platform, signed Harilex

A platform, signed Harilex

It all started with Jurizone, a legal information platform signed Harilex. People were asking us if we know some good lawyers to hire. Students were asking us if we know some lawyers interested in their talent because they wanted a first time life experience in the legal field. And that's how it all started. We wanted to make it easier. We wanted an automatic platform easy for everyone, not only job hunters and talent hunters but also, students looking to start somewhere, because everyone has that right to build a dream. So we said, let's connect them all ! At JobnLaw, our purpose is to help people search more easily for their job and help employers to find the appropriate candidate in their organization's mission. We hope you'll find yours.


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